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Service Fees


ATM Fees for SSBBank Customers  
        Transactions at ATM's we own n/c
  Transactions at ATM's we do not own  $1.00
  Deposits at ATM's we do not own  n/c
  ATM/Debit Card or PIN Replacement  $5.00
Cashier's Check  $5.00
Check Cashing - Non-Customer  1.5% min or $10.00
Closed Account Fee (Checking or Savings within 90 days of opening) $15.00
Continuous Overdraft Fee** (every 3rd business day)  $10.00
Dormant Account Fee* per month $5.00
Item Returned Unpaid or Re-Cleared $10.00
Money Order - First one  $2.00
  Each additional $1.00
NSF/OD Fee** - per item $32.00
Research - per hour $25.00
  Minimum charge $15.00
Reg D Violation*** - per item  $5.00
Return Mail Processing - per item $3.00
Statement Print (Current or Historical) $5.00
Stop Payment Order $29.00
Sweep Transfer - per occurrence $5.00
Telephone Transfer  $5.00
Wire Transfers  
  Incoming $10.00
  Outgoing - Domestic $20.00
  Outgoing - Foreign


For a complete list of fees, please contact a Customer Service Representative.

*Monthly Dormant Account Fee will start being charged in the 25th month of inactivity.
**Overdrafts and NSFs may be created in person, by check, ATM/Debit transactions or other electronic means. 
***Reg D Violation fees are assessed for each violation.  A violation occurs when you surpass the permissible number of transactions from a savings or money market account during a service charge cycle period. 

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